Aaron Tate is a singer-songwriter from Houston, Texas.

He was a founding member of Caedmon's Call, writing songs for the band from 1993-2001. He wrote the entirety of their debut album, and half of their songs for the following three full-length albums. Four of his songs hit #1 on CCM radio, and he has a platinum and gold record.

In the twenty years since that time, Aaron worked for international nonprofits and taught high school history. In 2021, he returned to music with his debut solo album, which he wrote, performed, recorded and produced.




(Cassette Demo), Caedmon's Call

  • In the Shadow of Your Wings
  • Not Enough
  • Too Tender
  • It's Gotta Rain
  • All I Know
  • Clean Am I


My Calm//Your Storm, Caedmon's Call 

  • My Calm//Your Storm
  • This World
  • Too Tender
  • Suicidal Stones
  • Forget What You Know
  • Not Enough
  • All I Know
  • Jar of Clay
  • Coming Home
  • Clean Am I


Just Don't Want Coffee, Caedmon's Call

  •  April Showers
  • Forget What You Know


Caedmon's Call, Caedmon's Call

  • Lead of Love
  • This World
  • Not Enough
  • Coming Home


Intimate Portrait, Caedmon's Call 

  •  April Showers

40 Acres, Caedmon's Call

  • There You Go
  • Shifting Sand
  • Where I Began
  • Petrified Heart
  • 40 Acres


Long Line of Leavers, Caedmon's Call

  • The Only One
  • Prove Me Wrong
  • Valleys Fill First
  • Love Alone


Back Home, Caedmon's Call

  • Beautiful Mystery


The Guild Collection, Caedmon's Call

  • Potiphar's Door
  • Home


She Must and Shall Go Free, Derek Webb

  • Take to the World


 I See Things Upside Down, Derek Webb

  • We Come to You


Midlife, Aaron Tate

  • Midlife
  • Afraid of the Dark
  • So Far, So Fast
  • Another Man
  • The Day I Leave Forever
  • All the Things I Wish I'd Done 



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